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You remember life before alco-pops You use to love playing with your MY Little Pet Shop. You learned how to roller blade - not roller skate. You owned something with a peace sign or happy face. You remember watching home alone 1, 2 , and 3.......tried to pull the pranks on "intruders" You took plastic cartoon lunch boxes to school. You remember when Kurt Cobain, Tu Pac, River Phoenix, and Selena died. You know that "WOAH" comes from Joey from "Blossom" and that "How Rude! (and the twenty different versions of that) U remember drinkin' Fruitopia and Surge. cd players You remember the craze, then the banning of slap bracelets and slam books. if you memeber when every thing was "da BOMB" You had a Tickle Me Elmo doll. You've gotten creeped out by "Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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" There were days that the homework just had to wait until the ABC Afterschool Special was over. You wanted to communicate with Synergy, or you wanted green hair like that lead singer of the Misfits.You actually thought "Dirty Dancing" was a REALLY good movie.You were afraid of the Sleestacks on Land of The Lost.You were sad when the "Where's the Beef" lady died.You went into the Body shop to put on vanilla or white musk perfume I've fallen and I can't get up You had a strong opinion in the whole Tanya Harding versus Nancy Kerrigan thing. Captain planet, James Bond junior and Sharkie and George crime busters of the sea!

You can sing the rap to "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air".Not that you'd do it personally, but body piercing captivates your attention In many of your childhood photos you are wearing something plaid.You have ever danced (or even worse cried) to Kylie & Jason.You knew Mark Wahlberg when he was still Marky Mark. Watching cartoons on a Saturday There was a time when you really wished you lived in Beverly Hills 90210.You remember going to the skating rink before there were inline skates I'LL BE BACK! Step by Step, Family Matters, Dinosaurs, and Boy Meets World.Ear cuffs/Muffs You collected all the Troll dolls You knew all the characters names and their life stories on "Saved By The Bell". When playing power rangers with friends you fought over who got to be who...........still all ended up being Tommy. Black velvet chokers with a little pendant hanging from them You once used Wella Plum mousse or Sun-in in your hair that you thought it was totally original and highly stylish. Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack, all dressed in black, black, black, with silver buttons, buttons, buttons, all down her back, back, back SHE ASKED HER MOTHER MOTHER MOTHER FOR FIFTY CENTS CENTS CENTS TO SEE THE ELEPHANTS PHANTS PHANTS JUMP OVER THE FENCE THE FENCE THE FENCE Count Duckula and Trap-Door You wanted to be a supermodel - or seriously lusted after one. All your school supplies were "Lisa Frank" brand.(pencils.notebooks.) Lambchop's song never ended. You remember when you could buy half cans of soda (great for field trip days! You can, right now, hum to yourself the theme to 'Inspector Gadget' You had top-of-the-line Commodore 64s in your jr.