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The Cadmans' business was located at various addresses in Sheffield over the years. Soon other articles of the cutlery industry were added to the selection of products. joined the firm and the name was changed to ' DORKO Stahlwarenfabrik Dorten & Co.'.

The scissors were joined by pocket knives of the brand name "Teufelskerle" 1969 - brand name "Kronpunkt" (open razors) from the Heups company 1970 - brand name "Fontana" (open razors) 1973 - Heups & Hermes company (pedicure clippers and instruments) 1996 - Merkur company (shaving equipment) -- Finnigans were prestigious luggage makers from Manchester & Liverpool’. Gelle Freres of Paris France, established in 1826 by the brothers Augustin & Jean-Baptiste Gelle after purchase of formulas and shop which previously belonged to Fargeon Jeune, descendant of perfumer to Louis XV.

Augustin's father in law, Emile Lecaron succeeded him.

Lockwood Brothers Limited was active at 74 Arundel Street (1855-1893) and at Spital Hill Works, Sheffield (1894-1922). The roots of the firm can be traced to around 1810, when Joseph Mappin established a family business, which became known as Mappin Brothers, making and selling cutlery on Norfolk Street.

Established 1767, incorporated 30th June 1891, the firm was the owner of John Sorby and Sons ('Pampa' and 'I. Internal disputes led to Newton Mappin leaving Mappin Brothers to set up his own electroplating business around the 1850s, which soon became Mappin & Webb.

Mappin & Webb, however, continued to enjoy commercial success.

The firm manufactured a vast range of holloware and table cutlery.Luke Cadman (1727-1788) moved to Sheffield in 1740 and became apprenticed into the cutlery trade. Hovenden & Sons Ltd : City Road, Finsbury, London , a nineteenth century barber's shop and hairdressing business. HOVENDEN & SONS 1897 REVISED AND ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE OF HAIRDRESSERS' SUNDRIES, Fittings and Machinery, Perfumery, Combs, Brushes, Cutlery, Mirrors, etc.He became a freeman of the Cutlers' Company of Hallamshire in 1748 and was granted the trademark "BENGALL". and all Articles Pertaining to the Hairdressing, Chemists', Tobacconists' and Fancy Trades.By the end of the 1880s, Mappin Brothers was purchased by the Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co of London.In contrast, Mappin & Webb continued to enjoy commercial success, to the extent that Newton Mappin was able to purchase back Mappin Brothers from its London owner during the early 1900s.The company became a major exporter and produced luxurious presentations.