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But Willis was laid back and taking it all easy, but when he missed a bus to practice at Kenning's one day, he saw some dude walking his way and the guy asked Willis if he's in a band.

Willis asked the guy if he's a singer, and fortunately, they both found what they needed!

Willis said in an interview that "I wrote the chorus lyric for the song while taking a shit, and thought 'this sounds heavy', but I was having constipation, and just had to 'let shit go'! The band was so pissed off at Willis they sent him letters, calling him a "mega giant douche who always takes a shit when he's jacking off with his guitar even though he kicked ass with it" and a "shit-wanking ogre guitarist who is taller than every other member of Atomic Mass", but Atomic Mass's remaining members admitted he did kinda kick a lot of fucking ass on guitar, but they soon forgot about him when they recruited Phil Colon, some guitarist dude from the band Shemale.

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Since Kenning left, the band had so seek another drummer to record their 1979 E. But Noon departed later after recording the songs on the E. because he didn't like losing to Joe Elliott at chess, and Atomic Mass were in trouble again. I don't think ANY drummer could play like that, and when he played backwards I was just astounded! Allen changed his set to a Mudwig 5-piece, and the band began recording their debut album, "On Through The Afternoon" in 1980 with Sgt.The once powerful and heavy metal band was almost about to fall apart, but thankfully they found a 15-year old drummer who could play the hell out of a kid's Inspector Gadget set, and added in drummer Rick Allen to the band. Tom Allman, cousin to Dwayne Allman of the Allman Sisters.They started writing some songs on the weekends when they stayed over each others houses during nights, sometimes in just twos alone!Joe Elliott however didn't really like the name "Deaf Lapperd" because his mother was hearing-impaired, and for some reason Elliott likes perfect grammar so he ordered it be changed to Atomic Mass.The band were proud with Phil Colon and Steve Clark together, since both formed a duet called "The Twins Of Terrorism", but instead changed it to "Terror Brothers That Act Alike But Have Different Mothers" or abbreviated as TBTAABHDM, so the Americans wouldn't be afraid that they were actually (by marriage) associated with Al Qaeda.

(Allen's Brother is Bin Palin) They quickly embarked on a massive kickass world tour in 1983, and thousands-no--MILLIONS- NO BILLIONS of heavy metal enthusiasts followed the band around shows and shit like that.

Savage also had hung out with Tony Kenning since both loved Lead Seplin and other great classics from the past.

They had copyright issues to name the band Def Leppard and Deaf Leopard. When Savage saw Kenning holding some drumsticks at lunch, he had asked him if he was a drummer, and he replied a yes.

But it was evident that the band had relied too much on "pretty choruses with somewhat hard rock stuff as well", even though it was much heavier than "On Through The Afternoon" and "Low N' Wet" combined!

"Firefightermania" has sold over 7,900,000,000,000 (that's trillions folks) copies worldwide, with 250,000,000,000 just in England!

Savage went to scratch his eye and got Willis' feces into his eye ball and on his face.