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She won the Ontario Scholar Award while in high school.She got her breakout acting role as Lily Randall in Radio Free Roscoe. Lauren Holly [who portrayed Director Jenny Shepard] left after Season 5.

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Kate goes with her to try to help her through her phobia, and the elevator gets stuck partway down.Despite him telling Kate different, Tony did have a sister.should expect a major shift in season 13 as Michael Weatherly, who portrays Tony Di Nozzo, revealed that the upcoming episodes would showcase how the show metamorphosis into major changes never before witnessed by the viewers., Weatherly added that his team will struggle dealing with the shooting of NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in the hands of a young boy he befriended in a terrorist attack investigation in Afghanistan.He spoke of the changes, "Every two years, say, you go through these revolutions and when Sasha [Alexander, who portrayed Kate Todd] left at the end of Season 2, revolution.Gibbs Returning in Season 13 Contrary to earlier speculations, Gibbs will survive the shooting.

Proof of this is the signing of Hamon of new contract reprising his role in , reported

One character will stand out and become the "glue" that will hold the NCIS team together and help them get through the challenging road ahead in "NCIS" Season 13: Jimmy Palmer.

Palmer, played by actor Brian Dietzen, is the assistant of team in terms of helping the agents iron out their differences and keeping the peace in the office.

another part of her is both unexpectedly empowered and seriously turned on, and wishes she'd let Abby talk her into trying this weeks ago. It turns out Abby's really very persuasive when she puts her mind to it...

Prompt: "Kate/Abby, trapped in an elevator." Takes place during episode Bete Noir. She can't even take the elevator down to the basement.

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