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The new meme takes the weepy mug of Le Bron hugging Kevin Love, and under the hashtag Crying Le Bron, gives us such gems as “Who cries best?”, a nice Happily Ever After..a vision of Le Bron in the Game of Thrones' Hall of Faces that's truly terrifying!Of course, the rule that the drones have to stay within the pilot's line of sight will prevent drone deliveries from being a realistic option for awhile. Okay, before we get to Angie and Carli, let's head on over to Katherine Curtis and find out what's Trending Now!

The hockey star got his daughter to take some of her more racy pics off social media a few years back, but what's on there now is plenty good enough for us. The goal made Messi Argentina's all-time leading goal scorer, putting him one past the legendary Gabriel Batistuta.

Not to mention her nearly 300 thousand followers on Twitter and nearly HALF A MILLION followers on Instagram! Messi sliced through American defenders all night long, setting up teammates for scoring chances and getting the goal of the match on a free kick. Argentina will take on Colombia or Chile in the finals.

If it goes through, it'll be the biggest business agreement between the two countries since the Iranian revolution in 1979.

And new Federal Aviation Administration rules bring us that much closer to the age of drones delivering packages!

Not only does it strengthen the case that Jordan's '95-'96 Bulls are still the best team ever...

but it looks like the Crying Jordan meme may be replaced by the Crying Le Bron!

It's pretty much a waste of breath to point out that sexy pictures are trending, but there's a specific wave of activity on Instagram that we figured you'd want to be kept ABREAST of.

The hashtag “sideboobtattoo” now has over a THOUSAND posts on it! Open, a FOX Sports cameraman was capturing his victory march when he got distracted by a march with a little more bounce to it!

It's brought down governments, major corporations and now it's taken down a long time US congressman.

Isabella, 59-year-old Democratic Congressman from Philadelphia Chaka Fattah has been found guilty on 23 corruption charges, including money laundering and fraud!

“Sitting is the new smoking.” You’ve likely heard that one before — from doctors, wellness experts and article headlines.