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For as often as they’re shown on TV and in the movies, simultaneous orgasms are very rare in real life.Trying to orgasm at the same time sucks a lot of the fun out of sex.

The closer you are to orgasm before you start having intercourse, the faster you’ll be able to get there once it begins.

Another great way to prolong the fun is to take little breaks from intercourse.

If he balks at or ignores your requests, it’s a pretty good sign that he doesn’t possess the generosity or consideration necessary to be a great sexual partner.

We can all be sensitive to getting sexual feedback, but someone who is unwilling to make changes isn’t someone you want to be with in the long-term.

There are so many fun ways to play around here, so try mixing it up!

Let him know that you’d like to try having your orgasm first sometimes.

The vast majority of straight women are in the same sort of predicament you’re in.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys out there focus solely on their orgasms and don’t check in about their partners’.

Foreplay is a lot of fun, so this shouldn’t feel like a chore!

The next time you guys are hooking up, tell him, “Let’s take our time.

If you and your boyfriend have never talked about your orgasmic timing before, it’s possible that he doesn’t realize that you’d like sex to last longer.