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In the most recent Gallup poll, over 50% of Americans said marijuana should be legal to use for ANY reason.

You won't even find most junkies agreeing that heroin or cocaine should be legal (although there are some Libertarians that are all for that).

I'd prefer to be with someone who doesn't drink alcohol either but that's just my choice.I think the drugs/alcohol questions are relevant, useful and don't need to be changed. The new crowd is coming in, and maybe pot might be legalized.By comparison, cocaine (all forms) lifetime usage is at 16% and no other federally banned drug is even in double digits.Furthermore, more than 50% of the people in 16 states each have voted to legalize medicinal marijuana, with strong efforts to do so in 18 more states currently.Really, presenting the question without separating out by far the most popular illegal recreational drug (which will probably become legal in our lifetime and is not even stringently enforced by most police departments now) is just POF encouraging lying on the question.

Even if you can clarify it in your profile, you're still going to get booted out of searches and matches by people fearing the worst of the drug question or believing that it doesn't include such a trivial drug as marijuana. I never use the drug filter in my searches, yet I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of women that have popped up in my searches that claim they "do drugs." This despite the fact that the majority of women I know (including professional, college-educated co-workers) smoke weed every now and then -- and apparently the majority of women in the country have done so (not to mention there are quite a few other developed countries where it is legal), so it's not like I'm just hanging out with a bunch of atypical stoners and party animals.Interestingly, among POF's top two competitors, Match doesn't even have a drug question. OP: Having separate categories of drugs will be redundant.That free-spirited OKC site does, but it's sorta multiple choice with "sometimes" and "often" as the options, but I don't think that's anymore helpful than just "yes" and "no." You could SOMETIMES inject heroin while snorting cocaine and tripping on LSD, and you could "often" smoke pot. It will quickly become a question of where to stop with the separate categories.I was told by a date that if the person you are interested in has that 'user contacting this person must not do drugs'... Most people who have socially doing drugs are referring to marijuana and anybody who has "must not do drugs" is definitely not "420 friendly".then they are not 420 friendly (per se) but if there is no restrictions pertaining to using drugs... Interesting point as I have not excluded drug users for this exact reason... If you are concerned about people thinking you are a crack head then put in your profile that the only drug you do is marijuana. I'm going to have to strongly disagree with Miss Allison, and I say this as a person who has never touched marijuana.Maybe it should be one of those "private" questions POF forces you to ask every now and then, like "Would you date someone with children?