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You can only use Pay Pal Credit for transactions in GBP. You’re not liable for unauthorised purchases made from your Pay Pal Credit account.Pay Pal Buyer Protection also applies to purchases funded with Pay Pal Credit.If you choose to pay the minimum amount due or the last statement balance, you will need to set up the Direct Debit at least 4 working days before your due date for the Direct Debit to start on that due date.

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If this happens, you should immediately report it to us so we can investigate and resolve it for you.

You can report an unauthorised transaction through the Resolution Centre of your Pay Pal account.

The first stage of the Pay Pal Credit application process will ask you to sign into your Pay Pal account or offer you the opportunity to sign up for one.

Once you’ve signed up for a Pay Pal account, you can begin the application for Pay Pal Credit. Signing up for a Pay Pal account is free and easy; all you need to do is provide your email address, create a password and accept our User Agreement.

We will tell you when you’re setting up the Direct Debit exactly when it will take effect from.