Updating firmware on hp printer

Whereas firmware is installed directly to your printer or ink cartridge when manufactured, drivers are installed on your PC by the user.Printer drivers help your printer and PC communicate.Thankfully, not all updates will stop cartridges from working.

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Also, if a piece of hardware loses power, the firmware does not lose its memory whereas software does.

What's the difference between firmware and printer drivers?

However, if you use third party or remanufactured ink cartridges, you maywant to avoid updating your firmware.

We advise to thoroughly read any update informationand on screen information before confirming any updates.

The ‘cartridge not recognised’ printer error message is one that may well have you cursing.

How can a printer suddenly forget inks that it’s been happily printing with for days, weeks or months?

Firmware Updates related to using Remanufactured Ink Cartridges: When it comes to firmware, updating to the latest version can sometimes make things worse.

This is most common in the printer industry, where firmware is used to limit the use of thirdparty ink cartridges.

Third-party alternatives to branded printer ink cartridges can save you a fortune, but some users have been left mystified and frustrated when their printer has suddenly stopped working with their cartridges.

It turns out that printer updates could be to blame.

Cartridge retailers have also told us that problems with updates are the exception rather than the rule.