Radcaptcha not validating

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And best yet: if the Is Valid property would return the right value, based solely on user entry (and not whether it is included in validation groups) being valid or not, that would be great.

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Since in most of the cases the Rad Captcha control and the validated textbox, belong to the same INaming Container, there is no need to search the Page's INaming Container, and require the users to provide the Unique ID of the textbox, when the ID will do the job.

Don't bother to explain this now, because I already looked into the source to figure it out.

Hello, We have improved the Rad Captcha control, so that it finds the validated textbox just by setting its ID to the Rad Captcha's Validated Textbox ID property.

His post is from 2010, and today, 2012, the control still has the same crappy documentation.

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