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If they duck out early to hit the parking lot, don’t bother following.Follow John Katsilometes on Twitter at Kats.Given the right push by the right people, I think they could be gigantic.

Some songs that are that big can just kill your career stone dead, so I just made the records I wanted to make, and I wasn’t playing the game, anyway. Mike Shipley was a genuine genius, and somebody that will be enormously missed by people in the music business. It was the last thing I wrote for the record, and it always gets that same response, where people just stop breathing for a second; it’s that big. I just continued on my way, and once in a while you go number one on the radio or you sell a huge amount. I don’t have to come up with it seven days a week and never turn it off. It’s the best mix I’ve ever heard of anything I ever did, and he did it all by himself.Well, people are going missing, let’s put it like that. And the first section and chorus all came in one take.But also the heroine, Kat, she’s an NYPD detective, she was in love with this guy who’s disappeared, and that was their song. A lot of my songwriting is like that, I’ll just pick up the guitar and start singing. John: Annie Leibovitz once told me that she had it on a cassette. When I hit the chorus, I didn’t know I was going to sing, “I ain’t missing you.” Somebody said the other day, if I had just sang, “I’m missing you,” it would have been just crap. My last album, , was basically a return to a very stripped-down sound. We went back in about a month later in New Hampshire, Manchester, and we had one of those shows where we couldn’t put a foot wrong. So the roughest part about making the record was just mixing it, really.

She called you, “a walking Byronic archetype.” I can certainly hear that in both your lyrics as well as the way you sing. John: It’s a very nice to say about somebody, but I don’t know. Some artists get sick of the song that made them famous and will even refuse to play it live. It came out of nowhere, and was made up on the spot. That’s the strength of that song and those lyrics, and that’s Byron at work right there. I was living in LA trying to finish the record, then I’d be living in New York, and my life was just a mess.

John Waite: You know, if you write one of those in your life, you really left something worthwhile. I actually don’t think it’s the best thing I’ve done.

But it’s reached the most people and reading Harlan [Coben]’s book [] brings home what it still means to people. Most good writers, they have a jarring way of moving the plot, the characters and the situations.

LT80s: In it, Nina Blackwood describes you as a romantic figure, and I’m quoting her here. But we really had a great relationship, and I still bump into her here and there, and we’ll e-mail each other. LT80s: I think a lot of people obviously associate you with your 1984 number one hit, . It took ten minutes to write it, and maybe that’s why. I thought you had written it about my own heartache.

LT80s: I want to personally thank you for — I was in junior high when it was number one and had just been dumped for the first time.

It helped immensely that the wedding was being held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Kauai, coinciding with a Waite concert in Honolulu.