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"At that time, we moved from Wetumpka, Ala., to Wilmore, Ky., where I graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in May 2006.

I have served as executive pastor at Shalimar UMC since January of 2006.

When investigators searched Oloms's vehicle, they found "a luggage bag full of various sex equipment, bondage and sadomasochistic equipment," the station reported, citing arrest records.

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'" The department added: "These people are out there. "You would think that these child predators would learn the risk they are taking, but they don't," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told The Washington Post earlier this year, after announcing the results of another undercover operation.

"They're so fixated on these children, they simply throw caution to the wind, and then we go round up another group of them.

"I'm the only one who could potentially do anything illegal, but I'm not ashamed of anything I do, and I'm willing to suffer any consequences I deserve," he wrote to undercover investigators while he arranged his visit.

His alleged intention: To have sex with a 14-year-old girl.

The pastor's biography has been scrubbed from the church's website, but screen shots of his profile reveal that Hoppenjan has five children, grew up in Wisconsin and has a degree in agriculture education with an emphasis on business.

"As a second-career pastor, I received my call to ministry in my mid-30s," he said in his church bio.

"They used to have to hang out in parks and coach Little League or teach Sunday school in the past," Judd said in April.

"Now they can download an app and look for kids that are in need of attention -- boys and girls.

"As a father, I am at ease knowing our law enforcement personnel are successful in dealing with this issue." In announcing the results of the sting, the Pensacola Police Department said on Facebook: "This post will not be entertaining.

It will not be funny, humorous, or elicit a slight chuckle.

Hoppenjan spent nine years as executive pastor at Shalimar United Methodist Church in Florida, according to