Best cities accomodating disabled

Researchers at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology have found that there is a link between introversion and extraversion and terrain preference.

In their study, the researchers found that participants equated secluded and wooded terrain with peace and quiet, and they associated flat terrain with excitement and stimulation, finding open conditions to be more “sociable.” More specifically, 75% of respondents preferred the ocean to mountains as a social venue, with slightly more than half saying they’d prefer mountains as a good place to be alone.

If you like to camp, there are accessible campsites that you can book to make your stay more comfortable and convenient.

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Shenandoah National Park is also nearby, where you can take in some great scenery and some great hiking.Shayne Jacopian is a writer and musician living in Springfield, MO.His work has been featured on red Orbit and its associated blog sites.He is currently a professional writing major at Missouri State University. Subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.Not to mention, introverts just overwhelmingly choose to live in mountainous areas, the study authors say.

"Some cities and towns have geography that is more accommodating for some people than for others,” says lead researcher Shige Oishi.Literature and history lovers from around the world travel to Stratford-upon-Avon to see William Shakespeare’s birthplace and the quaint town this has become today.The pavement here is pretty flat, and the sidewalks have ramps instead of curbs in town.However, some places are better-suited for individuals with a disability than others without quite so many hassles and headaches.Whether you use a wheelchair or a cane to improve your mobility, or just need a little extra time to get around, there are lots of exciting places that you can see around the world.Such needs come in many different forms and every traveler’s requirements are unique.