Verifying and validating requirements

Business requirements are often the product of intensive data collection and analysis.

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The system should be verified and validated at each stage of the software development process using documents produced in earlier stages.Verification and validation thus starts with requirements gathering phase and continues through design and code(development) reviews to product testing.We are conducting a long-term experiment (in progress) to compare the costs and benefits of several different software inspection methods.These methods are being applied by professional developers to a commercial software product they are currently writing.Good requirements must meet agreed upon standards of quality and, more importantly, accurately describe how critical business needs must be satisfied.

Verifying and Validating Requirements will show you the most popular techniques for assuring good requirements per the BABOK 2.0.

When checking the presence of the field and the Save button, it is verification.

When you follow the use case to use 64 characters, it is validation.

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Citation Context ...e research dealing with the detection of requirements.