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* Sir David Prosser and Fani Titi are to become joint chairmen of Investec, which is listed on the London and Johannesburg stock exchanges.

Prosser, 66, was chief executive of Legal & General from 1991 to 2006 and was chairman of the Financial Services Skills Council.

Accept her relative immaturity and childish traits: maybe it’s the pressure of having to work hard from childhood; the pressure to get into the right kindergarten, to perform well at school at all times with little time to play, but Hong Kong girls are, typically, they are some 5-6 years less mature than their western counterparts.

No matter where you look you will see Hong Kong girls playing games on their I-phones or computers, forever sending Line stickers, or drooling over cute teddy bears or other soft toys.

Brown, 54, chief executive of Rentokil Initial, spent 25 years at Unilever, including four years as executive chairman of Unilever China, and returned to the UK as chief financial officer of ICI.

Wareing, 56, a non-executive director at Wolseley and Cobham, was a senior partner at KPMG, lastly as international chief executive.

Treat her as your equal: Given the, typically, patriarchal societies in most of Asia, many Hong Kong girls still have a traditional view of the female role in society.

It’s best to let her know that you see your relationship as a partnership, a matching of equals; encourage her to be confident, to be comfortable to speak up about matters that concern her—not to suppress her emotions or brood on issues which bother her Apart from some of the points mentioned above in terms of impressing a Hong Kong girl, a couple of key tips to help you decide if you are the man for such a woman Find a balance: Hong Kong girls are really no different from other women the world over who like a man to be manly—someone who, if the need arises, can protect them, take care of them.

“Oh, dear”, I hear you say, “I don’t like the sound of the last few descriptive words.” But read on and let me explain…

Of course, given that there are around three million females in Hong Kong, this opening statement cannot apply to all Hong Kong girls and, clearly, each one is an individual with her own ideas, plans and aspirations.

Both in the pre-show assembly area or during a break in the performance are ideal opportunities to strike up a conversation with a Hong Kong girl; if you are lucky, you might even be sitting next to one!

Sports groups or hiking groups: many Hong Kong girls like sports; perhaps playing badminton or volleyball—even going hiking in the hills/mountains as a break from the rigours of the working week.

To be fair, as with people all over the world, the characters of people are shaped by their environment, and Hong Kong girls are no different.