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That being said, I feel bad for him because he was abused as a child, had a horrible family situation, and set himself on fire that time. He may have been "wonderful", but the jury's still out.. wikipedia it's handyanony mouse: Two girls with swimsuits that cover much more than most, sandals, and even cover jackets, and you guys think this is pedo? You are going to make me wet myself you are so horny . And you can make your own fucking sandwhich in the fucking kitchen or let your mommies make it for you. "Me thinks thou dost protest too much." You're letting your secret proclivities show in your haste to condemn what isn't even there.. We girls don't need you guys anyway except if we want to have kids and that comes way on down the road for me so I say go and fuck yourselfs. More like asshole Richard or Dickless Richard or Fucking Retard Richard but not Sir. Anonymous: They get to choose whether or not to have the baby but we have to pay child support or stand by and watch her abort.

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