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(16 August 1888 – ) was a British author, archaeologist, military officer, and diplomat.

as an archaeological smokescreen for a British military survey of the Negev Desert.They were funded by the Palestine Exploration Fund to search for an area referred to in the Bible as the Wilderness of Zin.Between 19 he worked as an archaeologist, chiefly at Carchemish, in what is now Syria.Soon after the outbreak of war he joined the British Army and was stationed in Egypt.He corresponded extensively and was friendly with well-known artists, writers, and politicians.

For the RAF, he participated in the design of rescue motorboats.

Sarah was the daughter of Elizabeth Junner and John Lawrence, who worked as a ship's carpenter and was a son of the household in which Elizabeth had been a servant.

She was dismissed four months before Sarah was born.

Along the way, they made an archaeological survey of the Negev Desert.

The Negev was strategically important as, in the event of war, any Ottoman army attacking Egypt would have to cross it. Newcombe, he held back until October, when he was commissioned on the General List and posted to the intelligence staff in Cairo before the end of the year.

However, there was resistance from French diplomats, who insisted that Syria's future was as a French colony not an independent Arab state.