Salman and katrina dating

After her break-up with longtime boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina has been taking the comfort of Salman Khan’s shoulder.

Salman and Katrina have also been visiting each other’s sets and generally bonding with each other soon after her sulking boyfriend Ranbir moved out of their love abode.

Though he spent most of his time talking to Aamir, he didn’t mind her presence at all.” Salman and Katrina often hit the headlines for their love, tussle, and marriage.

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The two will be seen on and retired to their vans as soon as a shot was over.But we guess things are gonna be different this time around with a new film!currently together on a ‘workation’ for Dream Team in the US and as per reports, they are secretly getting too close for comfort. Well, now we dunno if this is a rebound relationship considering Katrina is just out of a heartbreak with ex Ranbir Kapoor.In fact, word is that they are even paired opposite each other in this year’s Dream Team performances so right from rehearsals to everywhere, this blooming romance is just getting deeper with every passing day. But if at all she’s really found love again, then it’s kinda beautiful don’t you think so?All said and done, let’s see if this friendship translates into a beautiful love story or no.

Bollywood stars Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are reportedly planning to get married early next year.According to a report in Bollywood Life, the couple are hoping to get married in February 2015.It was previously reported that Kaif and Kapoor are living together, and she has been taking care of the 32-year-old actor following his adenoid tonsil surgery. It was not very long when Zarine complimented Salman to the heavens.She called him her mentor but now it seems that the student-teacher relationship has taken a new turn.But I am not getting married in the near future and I have not thought about it. This is a stand I decided to take at an early stage of my career," she said.