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At one point "Farah" began addressing Williams as "maam," even though he is a man. Here was our experience: To Ravinder's credit, he did answer my question, though not without trying to give me a canned answer first. (We contacted Amazon for comment but did not immediately hear back.) But still, dealing with Amazon felt like the opposite of dealing with Zappos (the shoe and apparel company owned by Amazon). How can I help you today Me: Someone created an account using my gmail account but with a "." in it. Chris Williams farah: May I know the account holder please.. Im so sorry for taking a long time to wait on this okay..? Me:noi don't need you to reset my password farah: OH OKAY.. Me:i need you to delete this "ct.willi [email protected]" account because it is not mine.please don't change my password. Here's a sample: Me: i need you to delete this "ct.willi [email protected]" account because it is not mine.please don't change my password. I asked a customer support chatter for a job at Zappos, too, and "Margret" told us, "We are all about the sunshine here in Vegas! You can go on our site at the bottom of the page and apply for a job through Jobvite." Although "Margret" began her chat with a piece of script, she obviously veered off into unscripted, plain-spoken English, fairly quickly. Here's Williams' Amazon transcript: You are now connected to farah from Me: Hello. This is still associate with my email address and is not my account. Me: Account holder is Chris Williams farah:your first and last name plese Me: First = Chris Last = Williams farah:okay let me check this out for you okay? ctwilli [email protected] is your account am I correct on this? YOU KEEP ASKING ME TO WAIT A MOMENT (10 MINUTES EACH TIME) 4.

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Critical and open dialogue about how everyone is performing and how everyone is contributing is vital.” “The people in power should be listening to the voices of the sector.

If you want to talk about culture, have a conversation with people that are personally invested in culture…

You go to a live music venue and it’s so diverse, these people that are sharing this cultural experience with you.”“If it weren’t for underground culture, there would be no friggin’ culture, there would be no mainstream.

If we go back to the 70’s here in Sydney, half of Surry Hills was squats.

farah: I am really so sorry about this inconvenience that you experienced but our account specialist will handle this for you okay? Me: WHAT THE F--- farah: What I'm trying to say here is I will refer you to our account will be deleted the one that you want to SO SORRY really for this.. CAN YOU PLEASE CONNECT ME WITH AN ACCOUNT SPECIALIST. CONNECT ME TO SOMEONE ELSE NOWI WILL NOT APOLOGIZE TO YOU.???????

farah:okay..i will refer you to our account specialist do this account you want to be deleted okay.text is a mistake so sorry for this.. Me: CHRIS MY NAME IS CHRIS I HAVE TOLD YOU THAT AT LEAST 6 TIMES. What is this ‘culture’ beast all about – and why does it matter? FBi’s Marty Doyle sat down with Lisa Havilah (Carriageworks), Ianto Ware (City of Sydney), Jaimie Leonarder aka Jay Katz (Mu Meson) and Esti Zilber (Sounds Australia) to chat about why culture and community is so vital to a city. Listen to the whole discussion and read some of the key points below. It brings people together, it gives you a voice and helps you find other people who are like-minded that share that voice.It also puts you in a room in a community that you maybe wouldn’t have otherwise been in.If there isn’t an underground, then the mainstream doesn’t have anything to be drip-fed or exploit!(laughs) The underground culture is where the truth, the passion, and not the bottom line – drives things.”“At Carriageworks we have ensured that our programming actually reflects the community in terms of diversity.So Williams contacted Amazon's customer support team through its live chat function, to ask Amazon to block an email address that appeared to be associated with his real address. I got mis information in here.let me handle this for you.. Me:can you delete the account "ct.willi [email protected]" or not? farah:one moment please let me check it further for you.. NOT SURE WHAT YOUR DEFINITION OF A MOMENT IS BUT THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR A LONG TIME AND YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING.