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A notable theme that was once associated with a sport, but because of its popularity, spread network-wide was the NFL on Fox theme, which is now used for MLB on Fox and NASCAR on Fox broadcasts, and is regarded as the network's single theme by October 2010.In Canada, the soaring backbeats of the Hockey Night in Canada theme became so iconic that the piece was sometimes called Canada's "second national anthem." It became something of a national scandal when broadcaster CBC Television lost the rights to use the theme in 2008.

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Programs have used theme music in a large variety of styles, sometimes adapted from existing tunes, and with some composed specifically for the purpose. T., which was a hit for Rhythm Heritage, the theme song from Pokémon (known as "Pokémon Theme" in the 2. The theme song from i Carly, "Leave It All To Me", was a hit for Miranda Cosgrove and features her Drake & Josh co-star Drake Bell, hitting number 100 on the Billboard Hot 100.

A few have been released commercially and become popular hits; examples include the title theme from Rawhide, performed and recorded by popular singer Frankie Laine; the theme to Happy Days (from 1974–84), performed by Pratt & Mc Clain (in Top 5, 1976); the theme to Laverne & Shirley, performed by Cyndi Grecco (#25, 1976); the theme to Friends, "I'll Be There For You", which was a hit for The Rembrandts; the theme from S. Jan Hammer had a major hit with the theme from Miami Vice in the 1980s. Kildare (Three Stars Will Shine Tonight)", recorded by Richard Chamberlain, the star of the television series, was in 1962 a top 10 hit in the U. and a top 20 in the UK and Believe It or Not, from The Greatest American Hero, a #2 hit for Joey Scarbury in 1981.

The related shows Crime & Punishment, New York Undercover.

Arrest & Trial and Stars Earn Stripes also aired with a remix of the theme.

Many video games feature a theme song that is distinctive to the series.

A popular one to date is the Prelude Theme from the Final Fantasy Series, which is played on most, if not all, of the title screens of the original games, most notably Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy IV.Radio programs with notable theme music include Just a Minute, which uses a high-speed rendition of the Minute Waltz by Frédéric Chopin; The Archers, which has Barwick Green; Desert Island Discs which has By the Sleepy Lagoon, and The Rush Limbaugh Show, which uses the instrumental from "My City Was Gone." In talk radio, a different theme song is often used to introduce each segment, and the music (usually popular music of some sort) will often relate to the topic being discussed.John Batchelor is noted for his use of highly dramatic orchestral scores leading in and out of each segment of his weekly show.The newer ones also feature the theme, albeit usually modernized, and played during the ending credits. Dating game 60's / celebrity highlights / burt reynolds , farrah fawcett ... Andy kaufman on the dating game andy kaufman the dating game.The phrase theme song or signature tune may also be used to refer to a signature song that has become especially associated with a particular performer or dignitary; often used as they make an entrance.