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Tuk Tuk and Taxi drivers get paid for bringing new clients to the salon and the cost is then added to the price of your service without you even realising it.

It's only after you become streetwise that you become aware that you have been ripped off so to speak.

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love, every bar girl knows that she cannot “eat” love – nor does a romantic love affair with a Western guy without pecuniary profits support her kids and family upcountry.

Consequentially, the average bar girl’s expectation of a long-term relationship with a “wealthy” foreigner is primarily restricted to the prospect of a steady income from a regular visitor (a.k.a.

Not only that, but you'll find some of the best-looking girls here.

Once you've made the bold move to step inside you'll immediately notice a large fish bowl of girls to your left as you enter the premises.

If you should show even the slightest bit of interest, these guys will offer to take you to the parlour right away or at the very least, come and collect you later at your hotel or any other predetermined location.

It is best to politely reject their offer but take the brochure anyway.

The girls begin with a body wash followed by a soapy body rub and the rest is up to you.

Whatever that may be, you are sure to have a great time.

Best to travel later to the parlour on your own steam.

Despite what some tourists may have said about Cupidy being standoffish or uncool to its overseas customers, many visitors find the management and staff here to be extremely farang friendly.

There could easily be up to one hundred or more girls during peak times.