Creating and updating duplicate databases with rman 11g Webcam nude teen

When using SBT backups, make the tapes with the backups accessible to the destination host.

creating and updating duplicate databases with rman 11g-7

The source database instance is the Oracle instance associated with the source database.

The instance associated with the duplicate database is called the .

The duplicate database is the copied database, whereas the source database is the database that you are copying.

The duplicate database has a different DBID from the source database and functions entirely independently.

, then the DBID of the copied database remains the same as the original database.

To register the copy database in the same recovery catalog with the original, you must change the DBID with the DBNEWID utility (refer to command automatically assigns the copied database a different DBID so that it can be registered in the same recovery catalog as the database from which it was copied.The is the computer that hosts the duplicate database.The source host and destination host can be the same or different.The farthest that RMAN can go in recovery of the duplicate database is the most recent redo log archived by the source database.If you use backup-based duplication, then make database backups and archived redo logs available to the auxiliary instance on the destination host.Depending on the media manager, you typically must inform the remote media management software about the existence of the tapes.