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With monthly follow up visits andphone calls from the nurse. He has been very supportive,sympathetic and helpful in filling out allof my FMLA, short term disabilityand SSA forms. Schild is board certified in gastroenterolgyby the American Board of Internal Medicine.

You can even fax him your medical forms,he will fill them out and mail them back to you! He is very knowledgeable about liver disease& never fails to take the time to discussany and all matters with his patient.

He has an excellent nurse practionerthat is very up to date on herbs!! He is currently involved in HCV research, so he is using thelatest trials and new methods. Slaker is a hepatologist/gastro that decided todedicate his practice to taking care of hep c patients,only. He calls me with all my lab tests personally,and really treats me like a person. Wonderful caring physicians that take the time you need. Very knowledgable, excellent communication and workwith you and providers on getting andcontinuing disability/benefits. Appointments for consultations and diagnosticprocedures are available at the Watsekalocation on Wednesday and Fridaythroughout the entire day Dr.

I can't thank the staff at Scrippsenough for being there for me. He projects a very relaxed atmospherein his office and has an extremelycalm and relaxing presence with the patient (me). Although he doesn't agree with alternatives per se,he is a wonderful conventional medicine Dr.He is a very compassionate person,who took the time to listen to all of myquestions. The people are all down to earthand really treat you like a person. Freberg has excellent knowledge on HCV& is a fine doctor.He understandsthat HCV in some can have symptoms andthat treatment isn't easy.There are some situations that cirrhosis might cause liver cancer or liver failure.

The common symptoms of this disease are immediate weight loss, decrease of appetite, joints or muscle pain, nausea, and acute liver failure. She actually got this disease when she borrowed a tattoo needle in Tommy Lee, her ex-husband.

These are the symptoms that usually suffer by individuals who have acute infection. Stanley Fafara He was born in 1943 and died in 2003. He is one of the actors in the soap opera “All My Children”.

Aside from acute infection, they might also suffer from chronic infection, extrahepatic complications, and occult infection. He was a child actor and plays the character of Whitey in the television series Leave It to Beaver. She was infected by HEP C when she undergone a blood transfusion after suffering from liver transplant and a car accident.

Anyone can get sick of it and famous people are not exempted.

Please submit all new doctor recomendations and addresses to [email protected] sure to include their phone number so that we can verify their information. He'll spend as much timewith you as nessesary and never hesitates toorder a test when nessesary.

Nowadays, the number of people who are suffering from HEP C is getting even bigger and that’s why individuals in various countries are very aware in their health.