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Five years ago, Glen Basner and Steven Samuels took a leap of faith and started sales company Film Nation as the world’s economy went into a nosedive.“ It was a terrible time to start,” Samuels admits.

It's almost a rite of passage movie at this point, essentially about five stereotypes--the nerd, the jock, the rebel, the rich girl, the freak--becoming human beings." 2.

`DAZED AND CONFUSED' (Richard Linklater, 1993)Lora Black, an announcer and producer for the Nebraska Public Radio Network, has a suggestion for the state's next big movie, now that "About Schmidt" has made its run from silver screen to rental stores.

“Downsizing” tells the story of an Omaha man who joins the throngs of people undergoing a new process that reduces people to a tiny fraction of their size before moving to one of the many communities of small people that are sprouting up around the world.

The film will be produced by Payne and Mark Johnson and will begin production this spring.

Church, playing womanizing actor Jack, gets the showiest scenes and best lines, while Madsen, as Maya, a lonely waitress, steals the film in the surprisingly few scenes she's in.

Church knew a role like this one was coming his way, considering writer/director Alexander Payne all but promised it to him.

They quickly met as the 27-year-old philologist Maria Kontou had been sent by Egio municipality to accompany Alexander Payne while visiting various archaeological sites in Athens.

During the tour the two discovered that not only did they like each other but they also felt chemistry.

“ Everyone was in a preserve-and- protect mode and wanted to get out of their obligations.

The silver lining is that we wound up revisiting all aspects of our (business) plans.” Basner agrees, emphasizing that Film Nation needed to be flexible to get past the past — mainly by backing a few less-than-obvious projects rather than the panic approach of going for volume.

Without them, the actors couldn't move us and the directors and technicians couldn't weave their magic.