Helpful hints for dating a scorpio

Be someone they can respect because that's a HUGE part of their romantic interest in you. Be sexy and passionate in mind and body (meaning you don't have to super-attractive, just confident and have an open/healthy attitude about sex)3. If you insult their intelligence with fake flattery or meaningless flirts, they will remember it in the future if you try to pursue them for romance later down the road or become genuinely interested.

Do point out their strong points in simple, honest ways.

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Scorpios in general are very physical and very sexual.Never mistake their sexual nature for being disloyal, not wanting commitment, or being a shallow player.State clearly what you want and need and DON'T point out his shortcomings.Just state your needs, let it drop, and give them a couple of days to ponder what you said. they just don't want to be "bullied" into changing for you.IE: "You are clearly really well-suited for the field you work in" (no fancy nonsense)4.

Big "DO" that people forget because Scorpio seems so moody and serious: A SENSE OF HUMOR!!You'll be worrying yourself over nothing because he's MUCH too selective to be a manwhore. it's because he already knows there is both a sexual AND emotional connection. Arguments, psychology, and logic won't budge him an inch (I know this because those things don't budge ME an inch even as a Scorp woman).He's more perceptive than the average man which is both good and bad. But what is really at the heart of all that is that they are MORE emotional and MORE likely to fall in love than others. So they are terrified of sharing feelings or losing control in the traditional way and essentially "clam up". You'll lose even if they love you with all your heart. They respect a person who stands up from themselves and who states clearly what they do and do not want.have a love for "how things work" and discuss it regularly.Scorpios love mystery and they'll be intrigued that you understand the importance of solving a good mystery (or at least having interest in it).8.Meaning..honesty and a clear answer to his questions is what he cares about most...