Dating dos

In the new millennium, finding someone to date isn’t nearly as tricky as mastering the art of dating.

Between online dating, singles events, and the old-fashioned in-person meet and greet, it’s possible to date someone new on a regular basis.

For the best results, choose a target-rich environment based on your own interests.

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Do: Have fun In your quest to meet your partner, you may sometimes lose sight of the fact that dating is supposed to be fun. Focus your energies elsewhere for a while: on work, a hobby, or just nurturing yourself. By enjoying your dating journey, you’re all the more likely to attract a healthy and happy partner because you yourself are happy and healthy.

Don’t: Look at being single as a bad thing Be honest — does being single sometimes feel like a life sentence you’re forced to endure?

You’re fabulous just as you are and if somebody else can’t see that, it’s his loss.

Besides, a relationship founded on lies and/or insincerities will quickly crumble.

If so, don’t be surprised if you’re attracting like-minded individuals or not attracting anyone at all.

This kind of negative thinking is both dangerous and defeating to your dating efforts.Don’t: Get stuck in a rut Getting stuck in a dating rut or dry spell doesn’t have to be part of the single gal’s experience.Taking time away from the dating scene to breathe and reboot is one thing (and oh-so-necessary now and then).Do: Be clear AND realistic about what you want The most successful daters are those who not only know exactly what they want, but are realistic about themselves and what they’re looking for.Make a list of the qualities and traits you’re looking for in your perfect partner.You can learn from any dating disaster, relationship gone awry, even a bad breakup.