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She is shown to be capable of doing flips, shown in "Dread 'N' Breakfast" and in the live action movie.

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She was originally voiced by Amber Hood in the pilot season, and was replaced by Grey Delisle in her main series appearance.

In the Live-Action Movies, she is portrayed by Daniella Monet.

This is most prominently seen in an episode where Timmy actually does become famous, and Tootie becomes one of his crazed star-struck fans, doing things like attempting to get into his moving limousine, or holding up a "Marry Me! She is a typical geek and is teased by the popular kids but she doesn't care at all.

Tootie often has outbursts of excitement, and screams to emphasize things much like her sister Vicky, although Tootie has a very different personality than her sister especially in the way they act toward Timmy.

It is suggested that Timmy has known about Tootie's crush on him before he even met Cosmo and Wanda, as neither fairy knew who she was when they first met her in "The Fairy Flu".

Her relationship with Vicky is even more mysterious.

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Vicky always tortures Tootie whenever she is not babysitting, meaning that she is twice as miserable as Timmy, but she does not have her own Fairy Godparents.

Tootie harbors an obsessive crush on Timmy to the point where her room is a shrine of pictures of him and other related merchandise.

It is never explained why Tootie is in love with Timmy.