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Sera Ok, you're having "a hard time," but I guess she's having a harder time.

You'd have a reason to be angry and feel abandoned if all the functions of your relationship - phone calls, video chats, etc - had stopped at short notice rather than being minimized.

Well, you can use this time to plan (since this is long-distance relationship) who will move where and when. I'm just not sure I want to set any timelines or ultimatums.The last thing I want is for her to feel like I'm pressuring her.If you become too over bearing you could lose her, it happens in relationships everyday. If you are looking at a life partner, then you can wait for her to finish her divorce issues.Trust me, you want it done before she starts a new relationship.Give them a voice, view them as autonomous beings with their own take on the situation and work with them based on their feelings.

I have been dating a wonderful woman for the past 5 months.

Children usually feel a lot of pain and emotional conflict during and after divorce.

Whether or not your children say it or show it, you can be sure they are deeply affected by the divorce and the struggles around it.

If she is going to get through things, she doesn't want to ignore them and only focus her attention on me.

She does go to therapy and is with a support group/counseling for people going through divorces.

Give her plenty of time, but not all the time in the world, of course.