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He attended the Geelong College, a local private school, and was a member of the GSODA Junior Players. He lived in Box Hill North, Victoria in the late 1980s while working on the Australian drama series Neighbours.

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At 17 years of age, whilst still at school at Geelong College, he auditioned for his first film role; a part in "Life and Study at University", a promotion for university study produced and directed by Peter Lane of Deakin University.

The lead part called for a 23-year-old university student and at first he was turned down due to his young age, but his mother insisted that her son could play the part.

I want to picture what it would be like if Pearl and Ginger swapped bodies.

Think about it: Pearl walks in, barely 5’6″, no neck, overweight, she’s wearing a chin strap around her face and looks like she has no interest in showing any personality or getting to know anyone.

This is probably because the internet is primarily run by people who were born after 1994.

If you’re #teampearl I want to challenge your imagination for one minute.There was even a collage of her using the same Monster Mash choreography every time she performed. There’s a lot of opinions flying around based supporting each girl for the win.My personal opinion is that Violet is Pearl but better in every way possible. Violet definitely has deserved her spot in the top 3: She’s been maybe the best and most consistent on the runway, her performance in the dancing challenge was sickening and she’s been just good enough to not fall in the bottom 2 any time this season.From the beginning of the season every tumblr account has been cheering for #teamskeleton, favoring Max and Fame over Kennedy and Ginger.To even find a gif or post about Kennedy is like going on a scavenger hunt.Since 2012 he has played the title role in the TV adaptations of the Jack Irish stories by Australian crime writer Peter Temple.