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But at some point, given our collective Internet-induced ADD, cultural fascination with cat videos must peak, then plummet. But isn't it time to try a new sweet treat this year?The Holiday Cookie Finder has every winning recipe from our annual baking contest from the past 14 years.Not everything has to be super significant or hipster ironic, shrouded in irony.” Catting around Elsewhere in the art world, the cat is making a more serious pawprint.

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“It’s cool underground pop culture rebelling against normal pop culture, only now it’s become bigger than the normal.Like punk going from the Sex Pistols to Green Day.” Bigger, and thus no longer underground.The movie, a look at the life of Alan Turing, the Cambridge genius who led the team that cracked the Enigma code that Nazi Germany used to encrypt its radio transmissions during World War II, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and recently won eight Oscar nominations, including nods for best picture and for Cumberbatch's lead turn. I tell Cumberbatch, who hasn't yet seen "Selma," that some have said the movie isn't fair to President Lyndon Johnson.You look a lot more relaxed than when I saw you last in Toronto. And then we were able to just breathe, be in the present tense, be in one place, just relaxing and ... [Duvall, also in Palm Springs for the festival, walks by on a path about 20 yards away.]Maybe tonight at the gala? As I was driving in last night, I kept seeing it all over the place. "The Imitation Game" has also caught flak, with a few critics saying the movie should have shown Turing's sexuality on screen.]How do you balance legacy and storytelling in fact-based movies like yours and "Selma"? The argument with ours, that you don't see him being sexually active, upset me because we weren't shy of it.Last year, the scale was so unexpected that people forgave us for not being able to find a parking space.

This year, they wouldn’t be so understanding.” The Walker will keep scheduling the festival as long as public interest justifies it, Stulen said.

At the Brooklyn Museum, “Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt” opened in July and will run for nearly a year.

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Balthus: Cats and Girls — Paintings and Provocations” opens in September.

When a friend asked Dorothy Parker how to get rid of a cat, she famously replied, “Have you tried curiosity?

” That would be a bum tip these days, especially in the online universe.

They came to watch cat videos together.” Playing a part in what they see by voting for their favorite in advance is also part of the appeal, he said: “It’s crowdsourcing content and putting it into a new context.” Ben Lashes, who “handles” Grumpy Cat, the diva du jour of cat-videoland, is a former singer for a Seattle band.