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Intentional nudity with strangers has never been an activity I found appealing.I pictured either sandy beaches with hippies splashing about in the sand or a dungeon of wild sex parties. Rock Haven is essentially a trailer park community—but where everyone is nude.

After signing a few documents and paying a small fee, we were asked to return to our car and remove our clothes. I had planned to be in Nashville anyway, and the colony is only about 30 minutes outside the city.

I maintain no grand ideas about my "body temple" or connecting with the purity of my "life essence." And yet, there we were.

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Louise and I stayed in the pool the first go-round for about 45 minutes.

I tried not to ogle her breasts and maintained rigid eye contact when possible or diverted my gaze toward other areas. I thought it was an odd coincidence at first, but everyone was well-groomed or completely shaved. My head started to burn, so we decided to seek shade in the pavilion.

We also noticed Confederate flags visible throughout the camp, which is not a criticism, per se, but worth noting.

Many of them were displayed from private residences within the park.

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My friend Louise and I were at Rock Haven Lodge, a family nudist park in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Within five minutes, I'd witnessed an elderly nudist riding atop a riding mower and another eating a bag of potato chips at a picnic table, his enormous testicles hanging low. Our relationship had not included nudity up to this point, but not many of my friendships do.