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Now these characteristics are not historical but they are imbedded in the modern fictional narratives of the creature and when you get right down to it the figure of the vampire is shrouded in myth and story telling from the dawn of time.

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The stress of years of sexual, emotional and physical abuse shattered Julie’s inner being.

When she finally moved out at the young age of 16 she did not have eating disorders an OCD or multiple personalities.

Their innate desire for self preservation is muted by the overwhelming compulsion to obey the master’s every whim. The creature strives to appear normal in the society in which it preys, so it may acquire its victims and blend into the masses.

Any threat to this charade is met with quickly and violently.

But there are other characteristics of the vampire that also have been popularized by both literature and cinema over the past two centuries that are mere secondary afterthoughts to many examination of the psychic vampire.

These are the mesmerized followers, controlled and unconditional obedience of these followers, violent fear of the revelation of their true nature and ungodly minions.Unlike the blood sucking freaks of old the new age psychic vampire drains the very life force of its victim either willingly or unwillingly.Just do a google of the word ‘psychic vampire’ and you will come upon a cornucopia of various explanations, tales and beings who claim to be able to drain the vital energies from another fellow traveler on this great marble in space.Again these are: The classic vampire of literature has a supernatural ability to have their victims become enraptured so they are under the creature’s complete control.They ignore the clear warning signs of danger that surround this relationship and willingly give themselves to their controller.However I believe there is a different kind of psychic vampire that just does not hinge on the singular characteristic of life draining.