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Plus, Will sang a Michael Bublé song, which is exactly what he should be doing all the time. Sue’s mom had abandoned her kids to go chase Nazis, and Sue had never really forgiven her. I mean, it was almost worth it because Sue wore a track suit ballgown, and that was amazing. Even though I saw the ending coming, it didn’t make it any less heartbreaking.

Schue’s had a good few weeks, if you ask me – I’d much rather see him do “Make ’em laugh” and “Sway” than, god forbid, rap again. I loved how Sue’s mom was even meaner than Sue, in a way. The school board reversed Sue’s decision to expel Karofsky, which meant he’d be coming back to school to further terrorize Kurt.

When Burt and Carol showed up at school to announce their engagement (Burt popped the question in the very classroom where Kurt had introduced them! You can’t really blame the kid, it’s a lot of change to deal with even if they were already all living together.

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Someone should have informed Rachel that as a girl, she also has power.Of she confronted Karofsky, he probably wouldn’t have punched her in the face.All the New Directions kids danced (a slightly old but still awesome shout-out to that horrendous You Tube video) and sang, and the girls wore gorgeous red dresses. Then Finn gave the most moving speech ever (where he christened him and his new brother “Furt”…if all the pairings have to do that, then I know what Puck and Finn’s nickname is…) and danced with Kurt. Because an online dating site matched her up with herself?And he sang a Bruno Mars song, which was just the best. The entire wedding scene was beautiful and touching and funny and perfect. It just didn’t work for me, even though I do love any scene where Sue and Jean are together.Lauren's six year run on Glee ended in 2015, however she has also served on President Obama's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities, and also travels around the country to give speeches on inclusion.

Schue telling the club their competition for regionals.

Then when Kurt was teaching Burt and Finn to dance, Burt saw Karofsky making fun of Kurt.

They all ended up in the office, and Finn finally realized things had been worse than he thought – he hadn’t known that Karofsky had threatened Kurt’s life.

He wisely chose “porcelain”, which isn’t bad at all. So I could buy the fact that Sue would take Kurt’s side.

The fact that Sue stood up for Kurt in this episode is a great example of the contradictory nature of her character. Meanwhile, Rachel assembled Brittany, Quinn and Tina for a meeting about Kurt’s situation.

And Sue took things seriously, considering that, you know, she’s Sue Sylvester and refers to Kurt as “Lady”. She told him unless Karofsky laid hands on Kurt there wasn’t much she could do, but that she was sorry.