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With all the vegan dating sites listed out, we can assure that you will find the person you have been looking for. Populated by fiercely intelligent, beautiful people with sensible political views; or, put another way, Telegraph readers.Vegans are a type of vegetarian who find it very hard to not only look for a restaurant that serves the kinds of dishes they can eat, but also find it hard to find fellow vegans to go out with.

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A meat-free diet also has less fat and cholesterol, and more fiber and antioxidants, so it will also make the vegans healthier as well.

There are quite a few of these vegan and vegetarian dating sites and some of them are very highly rated and recommended by other vegans.

Another modern way to find a vegan partner is to search the profiles of people in your area on social media to see if you can find any potential matches.

Or, you can post a message to the world saying that you are a vegan and are looking for other vegans in your area.

A friend writes your narrative on MSF, then you comment: "Can't believe you mentioned the charity work, the lottery win and the modelling." So, someone else shows off for you, plus there's less of a stigma because you didn't sign yourself up. With 8,000 to 10,000 new members every month, this is a cracker.

4 Guardian Soulmates ( Telegraph readers don't generally chase Guardianistas but Soulmates is a sensible choice for urban intellectual types, with an average age of 38 and more than 145,000 members.Average age is more mature than most sites, but there's a healthy smattering of younger daters, too.Match claims seven million joiners in Britain since 2005.That's almost one in eight British residents, so it's clearly an exaggeration, but the site is still massive.So it's a good option if you want to meet someone from a different background, and have time to trawl through "millions" of potentials, mostly aged 25 to 45.You can ask all of your friends to invite other vegans they know and then have the meal somewhere like a picnic area near your home, since it may not be the best idea to host a party for lots of people you don’t know.