ackles dating daneel Is jason varitek dating heidi whatney

Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. He has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 11.9 years. During the video, Watney panned the camera to show the distance between the beach and her condo. Watney failed to realize that she had accidentally revealed to a legion of fans the exact street and unit of her Fort Myers condo.

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Prior to NESN, briefly worked as a sports anchor for a Fox affiliate in Fresno, CA and ESPN affiliate 1430-KFIG radio.

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No word on whether Heidi is leaving in part because her alleged boy toy Jason Varitek is engaged.

************ Though the rumors of Varitek dating Heidi Watney were never confirmed, it would appear that they are definitely not an item now, if they ever were.

(Also, like Carolyn Hughes was Miss Texas, Watney is a former Miss California, hmmmmm...)Look , baseball players screwing around is not new (see Boggs, Wade; Clemens, Roger; and irony of all ironies, Rodriguez, Alex), tv personalities moving on is not new, and (unfortunately) people getting divorces are pretty common, but when athletes get divorced, and tv personalities leave and/or arrive on a time frame that seems to fit when a marriage might be struggling, you have to wonder.

Maybe I am completely off, and hopefully I am, but something just does not seem right about this whole thing.

Let's look at each possible scenario and decide if it 's a strange coincidence, or cause and effect...1.

Varitek and Hazel Mae, causing Tek's divorce and Mae's departure.

Mae still does not have a job yet, but I am sure that if something had happened like this that caused her to leave it would have come out by now, right? Varitek and Watney, causing Tek's divorce and his slumping batting average, because let's be honest here, if it is scenario number 3, he must be one tired sumbitch.

She is also the one thing different this year, and this is by far Varitek's worst season in Boston.

Now that he is engaged to his girlfriend, check out our post on Jason Varitek’s fiance.