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The actress told Us they are looking forward to Halloween.

Inspired by their experiences, the series, which became TV Land's third original scripted series following Hot in Cleveland and Retired at 35, ran from June 15, 2011, to February 13, 2013, and revolves around a Los Angeles florist who finds out her husband of 18 years is gay.

The series was canceled after two seasons on August 23, 2013.

Again, we all have our pet peeves and special interests but they are all symptoms of a systemic problem that must first be dealt with.

We must control big business to function in a eco, gender, color, animal, health, customer, community, employee, nation friendly way by NOT BUYING THOSE THAT DONT.

The two memorably worked together from 1993 to 1999 on the sitcom, which was set in New York City and featured Drescher as Shaughnessy’s shrill-voiced nanny and eventual love interest.

Fran Drescher reunited with her former costar Charles Shaughnessy on Wednesday night at the Los Angeles premiere of the play “Cinderella,” sending fans of “The Nanny” into a frenzy.

We must put down the distractions designed to dumb us down, and CUT BACK, REDUCE OR STOP using the end products.

Otherwise we are part of the problem NOT THE SOLUTION. Every choice you make ask yourself CAN I DO BETTER?

Drescher plays Fran Lovett, a Los Angeles florist who is shocked when Peter, her husband of 18 years, comes out of the closet as gay.

They divorce, but because of the poor economy, they cannot afford to live separately.

PUT IT DOWN, walk away, turn off and tune out that which is not serving us well.