Tips dating an au pair and

Sometimes, I even steal some time for a relaxing facial while my husband goes for a surf.Another bonus is that we’ve never had to worry about annoying bugs from daycare or having rush back and drop everything at work because they’ve got a temperature.I planned to go back to work and we worked out the cost of having two kids in day care coupled with having to always wake them up early and pick them up late plus with the inconvenience of possible late fines – not to mention the juggling involved if one of the kids got sick!

You can read about the party and even watch a short video here As a result, Phila adjusted quickly, became a wonderful Au Pair and the winner of a Go Au Pair 2013 Au Pair in Excellence contest.

Here is what her family wrote about their experience with Phila and other Au Pairs from Go Au Pair I recommend the host families invite Au Pairs from the cluster for a cup of tea.

She is still working as an Au Pair and I wonder if the difference between our life stages is too big to overcome?

She wants to go to a 4-year College and she is doing really well in her community college (3.9 GPA) but she is still several years from finishing. Unless she gets a job to sponsor her after school, she would have to leave the country and go back to her place.

Also if we were to have any future together, I would HAVE to marry her. Admitedly, she won't have to worry about for another two years at most, but it is still a consideration...

There is a difference between WANTING to marry and HAVING to marry. I understand your situation; I'm sort of in the same one myself, except I' M the au pair.

To be honest, having help has been a huge bonus for our family.

We’ve hired au pairs who have not only cared for our little ones during the day, but they’ve also helped with light household duties and cooking meals plus babysitting in the evenings and weekends.

Outside of her kids, I was the only thing in her life. They are needy and always sad because their parents are far away. If it is their first time then many times they have culture shock and I introduce them to club then a hotel room for the night and drive them back to their sponsors home.

With the birth of our second child, we decided to hire an au pair.

Not only is she extremely gorgeous physically, we really get along well.