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I know a problem i have with stopping is that i actually like being addicted...

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What will happen if she forgets to ask you for a whole week?

Sometimes it takes our own desire to keep things right instead of waiting for someone else to help us. There's a few things that's important to keep in mind when talking about breaking an addiction and changing your habits that can be really helpful ^-^ 1) Relapses happen all the time and it's not worth beating yourself up over.

My name is jacob and im here looking for help with my addictions.

Ive been addicted for about 4 years and ive been trying hard to stop. The sad part is that ive kinda given up on stopping.

How about keeping a journal where you write everyday for yourself only about this addiction and how you could replace it? "The victory isnt when the mouth of the lions are shut. " I heard this qoute from someone that really impacted my life! So I would suggest, if you can try to establish a new hobby that you used to interested in.

It's hard but you can't do it unless you really want to. As for the rewarding system, personally I think sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work.

@diligent Strings2354 Sounds like you haven't found a good reason to stop doing it yet. Lately I figured out, that an addicting behavior maybe due to your mind system wanted to release secure messages to you.

Maybe having your girlfriend ask you how clean you are everyday is actually a bad thing as you still don't seem to stop doing it. I am not a researcher or a scientist, this is purely my guess. For some time I can get rid of this pattern, when: I do double work out than usual, I feel exhausted, then I don't want to review that pattern; or, that day has been extremely busy; or, that day I was with a group of people hanging out and do not have chance to think about go into that pattern.

Masturbation can be healthy but only you can really be the judge of what interferes with your life. We ended up not being able to work through it because he started hiding and lying to protect him from my disappointment. @Fresh Air7 I don't think you were the only one to blame.

Maybe I was to blame by having unrealistic goals but word of advice. In your relationship you both had something to do with how things ended up. Im sorry you guys didn't work out but I see you did learned your lessons and are ready to move on having much more wisdom for your future relationships.

I've started with a different kind of approach which is indirect. This is a method which really helps you to stop trying to control everything that you do, but rather to focus on your surroundings and how the body feels. When you stop trying to control the frustration and dissapointment you somehow get a sense of relief.