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You have the gift to create dreams and touch people via your acting. He has such a loving and pure heart that I can’t help but love him. May you be happy always, healthy and find the love of your life. opppa saranghayeo im a big world wide crazy fan of yours im always thinking about you and im always dancing your dance the bombastic dance i lovee uuuu oppaa saranghayeoo may god bless u i hope we will meet thank u oppa for making me happy i guess his now fame was earned from moonlight drawn by clouds (wasn't it? I love the way you smile,when you got angry and when you're too serious.. Really wishing to see him as a lead actor so soon..luv 4rm Nigeria I was always on the Team Taek since the beginning, I was so happy in the last episode. Always support and love him, A huge fan of PBG from Myanmar. Was so cool, attractive, felt sweet love (to the music and Nail) remember me how wonderful the music is. Thereafter I have been searching for news about him. I'm watching your movie entitled Love in the Moonlight at this moment.. I know this is not realistic to fall in love with someone i never met. We have all kinds of food - chinese, malay, indian, western and fusion.. keep being humble, and please make an instagram account :) He is most adorable actor❤️ King of acting seriously.....i smile when he smiles...i cry when he cries He has a talent to move hearts of audience withnhis acting Great achievement in this short time Hope to see you more of u You are so adorable in "moonlight drawn by clouds" drama. They are really cute together *-* Saw him first in naeil's cantabile, thought he had acted as a lead before and I didn't just see the drama,his acting was flawless,his smile a killer,he' super cute,and I mainly saw 'hello monster' cause of him and didn't get disappointed as can just act any part given to him,dats what makes him perfect.. Hope he will get more lead roles in the near future. he is such amazing actor i watched hello monster bc of him and i will watch reply bc of him too (can't wait for this drama) and i am going to watch Bridal Mask bc of him too love him so much ^^ your fan from Tunisia I saw your acting on DVDs of Nail.

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Please stay strong inside and remain the beautiful being that you already are......never forget who you are ! It was a pleasure watching that show with a production and a cast that took us back to the 1980's...almost didn't want to come back to 2016!!! I first fall in love with him when i watched A Hard Day, such a short appearance but i already love him. that you good with you'r brother that seo in guk bye nailed Serial Killer Min so good in HELLO MONSTER that I dont wanna see him playing good roles, be bad!! (fun fact BO GUM IS HELLA CHRISTIAN) he sure acted like a girl obsessed over (Seo)'s character, without making it look gay hahaha! BEST BROMANCE in kdrama ever, He was the sweetest when saying his Hyung was his everything!!!!!!!!! about the personality and background that he has had so far. I've really fallen in love with Bo Gum oppa since seen his face. One person who has made me really dream to set foot and meet like in my imagination and my dreams. he gonna act in reply 1988 after i remember you end which reply series are known as producing rising stars(eunji,seo in gook,go ara, others). He was peeeerfect as Seo's bro, enjoyed his versatile acting (specially when he was like a girl in love all obsessed over little moments with his man crush (Seo) haha! I will look out for his dramas, great great Min I really wish all these less known but better actors/actresses like him got those major k-dramas roles that are often given to awkward and boring trendy models/idols these days: watching k-dramas has already become really painful, they could at least give us actors who aren't painful too. These kind of dreams have the power to change the world and make it a better place. he's an actor of my favorite, because he wasn't from an idol group (or was he? Naturally gifted but also good at conveying emotions with eyes, mouth, body language..subtle and on point. absolutely can't forget his amazing voice He look like Lee Hyunwoo a little and sometime a bit like Lee Jongsuk. Hope we can see you as long as timely in any madia In Japan, too. oppa come to vist us for sri lanka bad . He nailed Serial Killer Min so good in HELLO MONSTER that I dont wanna see him playing good roles, be bad!! (fun fact BO GUM IS HELLA CHRISTIAN) he sure acted like a girl obsessed over (Seo)'s character, without making it look gay hahaha! BEST BROMANCE in kdrama ever, He was the sweetest when saying his Hyung was his everything!!!!!!!!! If you haven't watched this drama, go do so now.'' He's always making me suprised with his action. It's not just because he played to be an actor in I remember you, I think and I say, I like him very much wherever he's act :") I'm proud of with his skill :) But long by long I always try for know .. You're the most, amaze, awesome actors of my world. Hopefully reply 1988 will be good dont worry guys... MY SHIP in hello monster/I remember you with Seo in guk, Psycho brother M I N all the way!! Sadly, I realised that when an actor /actress becomes popular, we will see less and less of him/her. LITML was so well done, I become very depressed recently, especially episode 16...thank you. At this young age and able to portray Prince Hyomyeong that well, your gift in acting is great and a blessing to viewers me. Hopefully, I will have a son and during my pregnancy I will always watch your face hoping that he will look like you. Park Bo Gum, you acting skills are top notch and manage to attract my attention.. i just love you so much since my sister told me that she have an wonderful korean drama film .

I seldom fall for any celebrities but if I do, that's because the celebrity is talented.. PBG my new favorite actor i watch Love in the moonlight about 10 times and i am still love it. I wanted so much to write there to say my thanks to all casts but, my comments are never published.

And then i recognize him whem i saw him on Hello Monster. Thanks Bo Gum Oppa, You have taught me many things. Fun Facts: Seo In Guk also acted in reply series before and this time Park bo gum also will be the main lead. He left me with serious second lead syndrome after Naeil's Cantabile and now in Hello Monster...

his acting is flawless i really want to see him as the main lead who ACTUALLY gets the girl I absolutely love his character in Hello Monster He actually played Kang Ji-Hwan's high-school self in Runway Cop.

Maybe my husband will be unhappy if he hears me now (just kidding.. I was quite heartbroken that you turned out to be Nim, quite sad that such a sweet thing could be so evil. I will continue to look for your work and enjoy it.

You just don't know how much I would want to leave my husband and get married to you now. You are so able to look sweet and innocent, and with just the slightest movement of a lip, you can look so evil. Gorgeous face, I have seen much of your work and thoroughly enjoy your skill and talent.

Love his new drama "Love in the Moonlight" Enjoyed every second of that drama. I wish him love and happiness in all the days of his life. You can deliver emotion of your role with your mimics and your gesture very well. Cantabile, hello monstar, reply 1988 (the best reply series, because of you ^.^), and now moonlight, you nail it all !!!! He's stared n so many movies, series for such a golden young actor. May he remain humble n great full for the heavens have blessed this handsome person. Thank You so much for sharing your warmly smile with me and making my days are more colorful. he is is the first man who is younger than me and i still see him as a man. Totally loved your acting the first time i saw you act in Hello Monster. Hope you keep on acting in great drama's and succeed in the days to come. After i knew what his real personality, i have an awkward feelings to see him kiss hyeri like that, he's just a boy, didn't mature at all, but his acting was good, outstanding! I'm laughing so hard because of your acting in Wonderful Mama. wish he does better than the legendary K historical drama prince actor Kim soo hyun of MTETS..