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For the first time ever, we see how the mystery Alison Di Laurentis's life ended.

Summary: Another pairing of books by Elizabeth Chandler is almost as good as the superb first Dark Secrets book was.

I love the strong heroines and the relationships between them and the boys they fall for, and her villains are fairly well-rounded characters, although I do think the ending to the first of the two books is a little bit melodramatic.

Still, that's small criticism of a pair of stories which are thoroughly enjoyable, extremely easy to read, and certain to have teens following eagerly.

"And then he continued: 'We discussed other denominations also.

We discussed how we could infiltrate each of the denominations with the Jesuits -our priests.' And then he said: 'One of our priests arose and said, There is no problem in infiltrating all the denominations except one. The reason we cannot do it, is that as long as their prophetess is alive -she will put her finger on our men, as soon as we make the first step in that direction." "I venture to say that it is entirely possible for secret agents to infiltrate the Seventh-day Adventist organization.

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Was she really killed by a homicidal maniac, or did someone just make it look that way?

With help from her sister's ex-boyfriend, who she grows close to, Lisa tries to solve the mystery – but every step she takes towards the solution puts her further in danger herself.

This is a similar proposition – two average-sized teen novels packaged together in a very good value volume. Both feature teenage girls looking for closure on past events, with dark secrets buried in their past – and both are guaranteed to capture the imagination of their target audience of teen girls, and of a fair few other readers besides.