Questions for speed dating icebreaker

You are sure to find whatever you need to make the work environment friendly and fun.

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This activity helps everyone learn more about each other while lowering inhibitions.

Whether an office group knows each other well or it is time for an inter-departmental task, using an icebreaker game is a great way to get everyone relaxed and ready to be involved.

Many people have a work experience they'd like to forget, such as a monotonous job or one that offered miserable working conditions.

To break the ice, have each team member take a turn relating her most difficult work experience.

I remember when I joined the team at Officevibe, I was pretty nervous, and wanted to make sure I became friends with the team as quickly as possible.

Luckily, the team here understands how to properly onboard a new employee, so I was okay, but I’ve had different experiences at other companies I’ve worked at.Break the group into pairs and have each individual interview the other, much like on a television talk show.The goal is to find three interesting facts about the other person.The team members then reconvene as a group, and everyone takes turns presenting his partner's interesting facts to the group.This is another pair activity that helps with name recognition and learning more about each other.Office games are a fun way to get to know people, and make the welcoming of a new employee or group much more enjoyable.