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Rice, the mainstay of the Vietnamese diet, is grown throughout the country but particularly in the Red River delta in the north and Mekong River delta in the south.

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This type of farming, known as shifting cultivation (or "slash and burn"), is practiced most often in the north and in other countries around the world.

Too much fishing has depleted the number of fish in the waters surrounding Vietnam, and the coastal marine environment is also threatened by oilfield development in the south. According to UNICEF, only 45 percent of Vietnam's inhabitants have access to safe drinking water and only 29 percent have access to adequate sanitation.

Anchovies and salt are layered in wooden barrels and then allowed to ferment for about six months.

The light-colored, first-drained sauce is the most desirable.

In the south, neighboring Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand introduced such ingredients as flat, Cambodianstyle egg noodles, spices, chili, and coconut milk. Plain rice ( com trang ) is at the center of the Vietnamese diet. The Vietnamese prefer long-grain white rice, as opposed to the short-grain rice more common in Chinese cooking.

Beginning in the sixteenth century, explorers and traders introduced foods such as potatoes, tomatoes, and snow peas. military introduced ice cream to Vietnam when it contracted with two U. Rice is also transformed into other common ingredients such as rice wine, rice vinegar, rice noodles, and rice paper wrappers for spring rolls. There are four main types of rice noodles used in Vietnamese cooking.

Farmers trying to clear land quickly burn the vegetation to make way for crops.

They then overuse the land until it is no longer fertile or suitable for crops.

A fish dish called cha ca, which is cooked in a similar fashion, is also quite common.

The charcoal brazier (small barbecue-like heat source) that keeps the broth boiling sits on the table and keeps the entire family warm.

Just as essential to Vietnamese cuisine as rice and noodles is nuoc mam , a salty fish sauce that is used in most Vietnamese recipes (just as salt is used in most Western dishes).