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Over brunch one day in Paris (where my husband and I now live—I'm American; he's British), we tell some friends about the planned birthday "present." One of them, a single British banker who's nearing 40 herself, grimaces and goes silent. We decide that the ideal candidate would be a sexy acquaintance. I get gussied up, and am pleased to see when I arrive that she has, too. Usually I'm so self-absorbed that my companion could be bleeding to death and I might not notice. I try to stay attentive—it's a birthday present, after all—but soon I'm just scratching their backs. I realize, with some alarm, that they're both probably more sexual than I am. "It affirmed for me how much I like the female form. On the walk home, she says she's surprised by how erotic she found the whole experience, especially being with me. But I feel like the Christian missionary who realizes—just after the big revival—that she's actually more of a Jew. I'd always felt that there might be something else out there.

She'd be vetted (everyone knows acquaintances don't have herpes) but easy to avoid afterward. She's a friend of a friend I've met at dinner parties but whose name I can never remember. But the pursuit of the threesome has made me more attentive. When I glance at the clock, I'm surprised to see that only an hour has passed. When you have two, it accentuates that," he tells me afterward. Now—and not just by the process of elimination—I'm struck by how emphatically I want my husband.

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She's tall and thin, with a little ballerina's waist. I do it under the guise of exchanging girly confidences, saying, "You won't believe what my husband wants for his birthday." I tell her that I've agreed to it in principle but that I haven't yet found the third party. He's immediately very physical with her, which breaks the ice. I'd focused so much on the logistics and the catering that I had forgotten we were all going to be naked. My husband tells me afterward that he got a little lost, too. I get the sense that we're all trying to divide our attention equitably. I think she gets that I'm propositioning her, but instead of taking the bait, she becomes the Cassandra of threesomes. Not only is Emma out of the running, she seems to be morphing into that most dreaded of creatures: the friend. We have a sort of group hug, and then we agree that he can take off both of our dresses. My third surprise is that, when you're detail-oriented like me, threesomes are confusing. It would complement his tattered sweaters and declare to the world that he is, in fact, employed. He says that what he really wants isn't a good, but a service: a threesome with me and another woman. And maybe, just maybe, it's because I fancy the idea myself. I occasionally mention the name of a female friend. Although I'm a novice, I'm pretty sure that getting someone we know would be a mistake. And I don't want someone creating a wedge in our cozy twosome. But middle-class straight girls don't tend to compare same-sex fantasies. My husband rejects the idea of a sex club as too public. is really quite beautiful, but seeing versions of my own lady parts on her feels vaguely incestuous. By contrast, I find my husband extremely appealing. It's hard to know who'd be tempted and who'd be appalled. I rule out advertising online, since that seems like an open call for venereal disease. I make firm eye contact with the woman (who I've figured out is named Emma), act fascinated by her comments on the music, and wait for my window to suggest that she and I meet for lunch. A few days later, we exchange e-mails and make plans to have Thai food. Part of what I like about men, I realize, are the differences between us. There's a sweet moment at the end when the three of us lie together under the covers, with the birthday boy in the middle. I'll later get a series of heartfelt thank-you notes from him, saying it was as good as he had hoped. In theory, I didn't mind sharing my husband for an afternoon. |(" L ")|.)","ig"),da=function(a,b,c),ea=function();trycatch(fa)function ga(a,b,d,e)function ha()function ia(a)function ja(a)function ka(a,b)function la(a,b)function ma(a)function na(a)function oa(a)function pa(a),f=XML=function(a),m=Document=function(a),ga.matches=function(a,b),ga.matches Selector=function(a,b),ga.contains=function(a,b),ga.attr=function(a,b),ga.error=function(a),ga.unique Sort=function(a),e=Text=function(a),d=ga.selectors={cache Length:50,create Pseudo:ia,match: X,attr Handle:,find:,relative:,pre Filter:,filter:,pseudos:(a);m.find=s,m.expr=s.selectors,m.expr[":"]=pseudos,m.unique=s.unique Sort,m.text=Text,XMLDoc=XML,m.contains=s.contains;var t=match.needs Context,u=/^]*|#([\w-]*))$/, A=init=function(a,b); A.prototype=m.fn,x=m(y);var B=/^(? : Until|All))/, C=;m.extend(),extend();function D(a,b)m.each(,function(a,b));var E=/\S /g, F=;function G(a)m.

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