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You can choose between a zip up style or the classic button up style.

In colours such as green, navy and black, plus many more, you're sure to find the right jacket to suit your needs.

Much easier to calculate is how many people have faked a Lethifold attack, for their own reasons.

It attacks its prey at night, when the target is asleep, by suffocating and digesting it.

The only form of protection against a Lethifold is a Patronus, similar to a Dementor.

The first recorded survivor of a Lethifold attack was a wizard named Flavius Belby.

Belby was on holiday in Papua New Guinea, and he managed to escape because he was not fully asleep at the time.

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Colours include navy, green, red, blue, black and many more - perfect for finding a jacket or coat for any occasion.

Barbour International jackets and coats include unique styles and designs, including but not limited to: the signature Liddesdale quilted jacket, the Barbour International Beech jacket, Barbour International Blackwell, Triumph Locking jacket, Fog Parka and many, many more.

These include quilted jackets, windshield jackets, fleece jackets, wax jackets, rain jackets, parkas, gilets and hooded jackets.

The jackets are also available as zip up jackets or button up jackets.

Jackets are also available with or without a collar, and free UK delivery is available on certain products.