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I thought she was crying because of what i sais and instantly entered to the bedroom and went near her. Here ass cheeks spread over the bed, and legs wide open.

Her boobs went up and down in response to her breath. “AMMA ENNA PANNURA UNNAKU ENNA AACHU ” I asked her even though i could make out what what she was doing.

I was even able to notice the hard nipple of my mother. She then moved here pavvadi down and covered her bush and covered sari over her “NAN ENNA VENNA PANNUREN NE ROOMA VITU VELLIYE PO , THEVIDIYA PAYA”.

Once i just annoyed to see her l but to now she looks like a sex godess to me.

Those who offend incest relation may please excuse ,this material contains mother/son relation , it is also described with offensive words which a mother and son will not speak to each other freely.

My mother will use all sorts of bad words while she shouts and scold us which i was used to.

She continued to scold me, I could not tolerate her and just shouted “AMMA ETHUKKU SUMMA KATHERA PLEASE SUMMA ERRU”.

I definitely waited for a chance but still do no how to start, i moved very close to her , her face was just facing my hard on in the pant, the view of her was now more visible i could see her cleavage in top angle which exposed more of it.

Her stomach was fully uncovered her sexy navel was exposed.


“NON THEVIDIYA PAIYAN NA NE THANDE THEVDIYA MUNNDA “ i told and just went out of the house.

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