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At age 52, Coffee can tolerate a more arduous routine than the everyday Chatham County mom. She can hold the “plank” yoga position for an hour.

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Karen Coffee’s episode of “Naked & Afraid” airs at 10 p.m. She will have a meet and greet plus a raffle at Carolina Ale House in Chapel Hill starting at 8 p.m.

Chatham is currently the Art Director at Smith Optics. He describes leaving for school as “narrowly escaping” the suburbs.

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The girl was actually a New Jersey State Police detective.

For three weeks, Karen Coffee endured the sweaty hardships of a Filipino jungle, fighting a monitor lizard with a machete and eating a pair of slow-roasted skunks – braving it all in the mud-streaked nude.“We hacked a monitor lizard to death,” said Coffee, uttering a phrase seldom heard in a Carrboro coffee house. 2.”I won’t tell you how their story ends, whether they quit in starved exhaustion or emerge triumphant and nude from the woods.You’ll have to wait until Sunday night and watch for yourself – remaining, as a TV viewer, merely clothed and concerned.She hiked barefoot over sharp rocks, slept under bamboo leaves and contracted a jungle virus that turned out to be meningitis.By the end of her 21-day tribulation, her hair fell out in clumps and she could stomach nothing more gastronomically challenging than Eggo waffles and syrup. All the nude babes on this website are photographed in cities like Melbourne and Sydney and are 100% natural.