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It's a chilling book but showcases the resilience of women, even those trapped in unbearable circumstances, in a really powerful way. Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Andersonstyle book of sex positions with paintings of themselves as the models, over a period of about 20 years.

The book became a cult success, and their children (two girls and two boys) grow up in its shadow.

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It also discusses the importance of being friends before dating and the difference between love and lust, which can be a confusing thing in the teen years.

Check Amazon rating » Not just a book that tells teens what to do, but instead this is a journal that helps Christian teens sort through their complex relationships with wisdom and support from the authors.

The last essay, "Off the Back of a Truck," is about Crosley's relationship with a guy who secretly had another long-term girlfriend at the same time.

The girlfriend eventually finds Crosley in the guy's phone (under "Doug") and calls her.

Check Amazon rating » Christian teens are faced with conflicting advice from parents, friends, pastors, Bible experts, and more.

Jeremy Clark takes a Biblical perspective to promote a healthy discussion about dating.

They use their insights into the way Christian teens think to provide advice that teens can relate to and use in their everyday dating lives.

Check Amazon rating » Written by Blaine Bartel, this book doesn’t just focus on how to find the right person to date, but also how teens can be the right person for someone else while avoiding the dangers of dating in today’s world.

From going over “Seven Habits of Highly Defective Dating” to guarding the heart, the author provides an outlook on dating as a biblical act rather than short infatuation.

His focus is looking at dating as something long-term and lasting rather than just a high school crush or fling.

, she's confessed that the book — about an unnamed, neurotic college girl who spends 10 years pining for a pretentious Ph D student — is based on her own experience with her own unnamed douche nugget, which is probably why it feels SO right. This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz The lovelorn main character routinely screws over the women he's dating, but you can't help but like him a little bit, since he's one of those inimitable Diaz protagonists. Remember how content Kermit was, just strumming his banjo on a tree trunk in the swamp?