Are harry and lily dating

Seeing his new wife fall to the curse sparked in Harry a pain he’d never felt before; it also sparked a rage he hadn’t felt since Snape killed Dumbledore.

Taking a look around, he found himself in a room he didn’t recognize.It was modestly large, but not ridiculously oversized.He was not accustomed to having random curses headed his way, whether from deflected friendly or enemy fire, and even with his great skill and power was wounded many times.In a fit of rage, the evil wizard cast a wide area curse that dropped numerous bodies from both sides.Just as he was about to turn away, a flash of movement caught his attention.

Before he could react, he saw the tip of Voldemort’s wand aimed at him from the man’s one good hand.

A flash of movement brought his attention back to the poster of Gwenog, and what happened next brought a huge blush to his cheeks.

The Gwenog in the poster, who was holding her broom in one hand and her Beater’s bat in the other, winked and blew him a kiss.

This, however, wasn’t what illicited the blush, it was what she was doing to her broom.

She had the handle in a tight grip, and was stroking it up and down the broom’s stick in a rather lewd manner.

Harry stood, and immediately noticed that he was dressed much differently than he’d normally be.